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    It's easy to say you want a bunch of young guys. But no one's going to be happy whether you're young or old if you're not winning baseball games. The guys they brought in here are proven winners. They're leaders on the field and in the clubhouse. I think that's really important when you change the dynamic so much.

    You don't always want to wait until the ninth inning to win games, but we haven't had that. That propels us, to know we can win at any time. You don't want to go into the postseason scuffling.

    This was a very big game for us. We don't want to scoreboard watch too much, but we knew the Giants had won (in Washington). Jake is our staff ace, and he is our stopper. When he takes the mound, we expect to win baseball games.

    Last year I think the situation we were in was a lot tougher task than the situation we're in right now, because we were down to three outs, and had to win four straight games,

    On the field, I don't think anyone's looking for people to be best friends off the field. When it comes to winning baseball games, you have to have 25 people willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes.

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