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    Our increased level of investment in marketing and sales, with the priority on key growth drivers, resulted in a sales growth of 21 percent in Pharmaceuticals in the U.S.,

    At present, no collaboration has been discussed with Roche management, although we hope that over time we will be able to explore areas of collaboration.

    I am pleased with the overall strong performance of our business in the third quarter, particularly the dynamic growth of Pharmaceuticals.

    We are confident of delivering in 2006 another year of dynamic growth with record sales and earnings.

    It is a hypothetical question. I don't answer hypothetical questions.

    Market growth in 2006 will slow down somewhat. I expect that we will be able to continue to gain market share.

    Looking ahead, we anticipate a somewhat softer third quarter and, again, a more dynamic fourth quarter resulting in mid-single-digit sales growth... and solid operating growth for the full year,

    Our plan is to turn around the Chiron vaccines business, which will require investments in RD and manufacturing to increase quality and capacity, so that we can better meet customer demand and address public health needs,

    We first want to fix the quality and quantity problems which are at hand.

    Litigation is potentially much larger when you vaccinate healthy people,

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