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    David , he's got a lot of opinions. He's an intelligent, well-spoken guy, well educated. He's got a lot of strong opinions. It's not necessarily him forcing his opinion it's him expressing his feelings on certain issues. I don't think he's ever going to write a song that's about teenyboppers falling in love. I know he always likes to refer to those love stories as 'riding off on their skateboards into the sunset together.' I don't think he's ever going to be writing those kinds of lyrics. He's a very intelligent guy with a lot of issues world issues, political issues, religious issues, relationship issues. These are adult topics. The kids can relate to it too, but we're all adults. He's got topics that strike a chord with him, ones that he wants to get a release on and speak about.

    At this point, we were together for just over two years,

    When we started writing, we went back to the basics of just kind of jamming out riffs, ... That brought us back to some of our influences. It made the songs seem like some of them could use guitar solos. We just thought we would expand on that. We're trying to contribute in our way bringing this element back to rock music.

    It's always fun to play a lot of the more aggressive tracks, like the title track '10,000 Fists,' ... It's just a high energy song and it's aggressive and there's some really cool double bass parts going on and an aggressive riff. That's gonna be a good live song because it definitely gets the blood flowing.

    I just think the whole message within the song fits with today's themes. It fits with the majority of stuff that David writes about.

    When it comes down to vocals, I want to hear something that's going to be melodic. David's always had those animalistic instincts of making those gut sounds, or whatever you want to call it. But he's developed a really strong singing voice.

    David's always going to have political, religious and relationship issues and opinions. He's a very opinionated guy, a very intelligent guy and there are certain things he likes to get off his chest.

    We've always been more influenced by bands like IRON MAIDEN and BLACK SABBATH and JUDAS PRIEST , which were aggressive but still had melody.

    This is the payoff for us, to be on the road. To be on stage and see the kids hungry for the music, to see them excited. That's why we do this.

    He's got a lot of family in Israel . . . and there's all these car bombings and suicide bombings. He's stressed out and worried all the time.

    We figured that since we've been gone from the road for a while, let's make it a little more intimate, do multiple nights (in some cities) and get the connection back with the fans.

    It could be your boss, the CEO of a company or a religious evangelist.

    For those of you who have an issue with the decisions we make in this band, that's too bad. Neither us nor John have any issues and that is all that matters. We shouldn't have to defend ourselves on how this band operates. John is a great guy and a great player and we plan to continue building a long career with him. We are more open to our fans than any band I know. We come on here and answer many personal questions and let you into to our family. Who else does that Some of you just feel that it isn't enough. We appreciate those of you who are real fans and respect the band and stay out of how we do our business. Find something new to talk about. This is how it is, so deal with it. Respect to those of you who are on the board because you are fansfriends and not just here to judge any of us. We have a new CD coming out this Tuesday Sept. 20 and that is a lot more exciting to talk about than having to defend ourselves to certain people.

    Since they go stayed together by two more years, for when a return to Portugal for another Disturbed mega concert

    I guess this album is a little bit more politically charged. David's a very opinionated guy. He has strong opinions and strong beliefs. In no way are we forcing our opinions on people. It's his opportunity to express the way he feels about certain things. Besides, you know, religion and politics and world issues and relationship issues these are usually the things that strike a nerve with him.

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