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    No matter what is going on at a national or international level, gas does go up this time of year.

    If it's not required to use the highest octane gas, don't do it. You're just burning money.

    We understand the high price of gas can really put a strain on consumers. But for many families, a final summer weekend together isn't something they're willing to give up and there are ways to cut costs and still have a good trip.

    Galveston bay area right now, that's in the path of Hurricane Rita, is the home to about 25 percent of refinery capacity of the United States, so there is definitely going to be an increase in gas for us as consumers. Now how much, it's hard to say.

    What we have noticed is people are traveling closer to home.

    To really make a significant impact you need to change your driving habits and your attitude toward driving. Drive at consistent speeds, car pool. Do whatever it takes. On Sunday, don't drive. Leave the car at home. Make sure you use the vehicle. Save the SUV for the long holiday weekend. There's a lot you can do on a personal level that can change your spending habits.

    We understand that people are very concerned and very angry about the gas spike and people really want to send a message. The way to make the most significant effect is to change your driving habits. Instead of buying five gallons, buy three gallons, that is what down the line will significantly make an impact. If 2 million people buy two gallons less a week it will have a big effect.

    Some districts have already started school, and also the record-high gas prices ... have sort of affected travel for this holiday weekend.

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