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    We are naturally delighted to have signed Jeff to a new contract,

    This is a dream come true for me. I wanted to build a challenging trail that would test these riders physically, mentally and see if true horsemanship skills would prevail. There was a vet on-site to ensure all the horses were treated with the utmost of care. Our horses are our first priority.

    We know that Jeff received lucrative offers from other clubs. Jeff was keen to remain at Melbourne and hopes to be part of something special over the next few years,

    We are in the middle of negotiations with Adem's manager,

    We are happy that he will be playing with Melbourne for the next three years. Jeff has made it very clear where he wants to play his football and wants to continue to be part of where this group is headed.

    He has a great football brain and if he falls out with Carlton we are here.

    Obviously we had been keen to negotiate a two-year contract for Jeff but when Collingwood came in with a four-year deal our hand was forced somewhat. We never wanted to lose Jeff to another club, but we certainly did not want to risk losing him for nothing.

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