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    I'm not greedy, I'm not selfish I just wanted to get to a World Series one time,

    It's one brother's love for another brother. It started small and has grown into what it is today.

    The research they do is incredible. I was overwhelmed. They have a great thing going on out there. In reality, this came from one brother's love for another brother. Seeing the center up in his brother's behalf, it's an unbelievable thought.

    I guess it's fitting. How many times did we get shut out this year

    You know, it was going to happen sooner or later. We understand that. Whether it's another year, another two years, whatever, we know it's going to happen. We know nobody can play forever. But for now, the thing I'm happy about the most is that he's down here and he's getting the opportunity to play. And he's such a professional, if he can't play, he'll let you know it.

    Their fans are the best. If you make a nice play on the opposing side, they give you a golf clap, and they're respectful. But they love their Cardinals. They do everything they can for their team.

    I just hope this all gets worked out some way. That's my boy. I hope he's given an opportunity to go to spring training. I love this guy, and he's made a lot of sacrifices for this city and organization.

    About 99.9 percent of the time he comes in, and it's game over. He's nasty, he's got good stuff. He's still got it. You tip your hat to any guy that can square up and catch up to it.

    If we're in the pennant race, Rocket will be back. He can't just sit home and do nothing when he's able to pitch. We all know him. He loves to compete and his competitive nature will take over. I have a feeling he'll be back.

    I don't care, who cares You're up 3-1. Obviously, the old cliche, you keep getting guys out there, and sooner or later you're going to get some base hits. The biggest thing is we're up 3-1 right now. You don't care what you're average is with runners in scoring position.

    Maybe he read the article where I said that's never happened to me before, ... I mean, I've had some that were questionable - but, come on. I'm sitting on the bench all day, the guy throws a slider at you and it hits you in the middle of the batter's box. That was only my second ejection. I guess I'm a big troublemaker.

    It's a great feeling. You wait a long time and dream about this, and you never know whether or not it's going to happen. You kind of believe in destiny.

    The Fred Hutchinson Award, when you look at the names of the people that are on that, it means a lot. Whether athletes want to accept it or not, you are a role model.

    I think it was more their destiny than ours.

    It's a lot like it must be here with the Seahawks making it to the Super Bowl for the first time. People who thought they'd never see anything like it got to experience something very special for the first time. To be one of the members of that team was such a thrill.

    Mac originally drafted me in 1987, ... He and Yogi came to Seton Hall and watched me work out one day. Ever since then there's been a special bond. Over the years it got better and better to the point where he was almost like a father figure. He was such a great man. A lot of people didn't get a chance to see that side of him.

    I just wanted to get to a World Series one time. We never gave up, we kept battling.

    I can't tell you how happy I am. It's been a long time.

    Everyone can make their own decisions about what's going on. It's not for players to answer. It's just a tough situation right now.

    We finally have another opportunity with the Cardinals. We have a shot. You only get a few chances like this in your career.

    The guy slapped her and ran. She ran after him. You don't slap a New Jersey girl and get away with it. My brother-in-law wound up putting the guy against the wall. That's pretty sorry.

    That way I won't have to miss any games. This is the time of year where it's a little bit of a tough time, and she didn't want me to miss any games, anyway.

    He's a little deceiving. He doesn't have a real good arm slot as far as trying to pick the ball up out of his hand. He made some pretty good pitches when he had to.

    You know that play is going to be real close, ... I don't know if he would have gotten me or not because I hit it off the end and it was spinning funny. It's just one of those situations where you always run it out and you always get an opportunity.

    It's the only way we know how to do it. We can win 10-9 or 2-1. It's just something that over the last three or four years, we have no idea on how to blow another team out. I think a lot of guys in here are used to the tough games.

    We did it for a couple of years, at least, ... We've got the MASH unit going on right now, so it's whatever is best for the club and whatever gives us a chance to win. That's what it's all about.

    There've been a lot of great players to play the game of baseball that never got an opportunity to go to the World Series, ... and I was hoping that I wasn't going to be another one of them.

    That's a baseball mom. I thought it was pretty admirable of my mom. She said she understands the amount of injuries we have around here, and the time of year it is, and she felt bad about it.

    Carrying the what What's the mantle. Like the mantle on the fireplace Or Mickey Mantle ... Well, obviously, we want to get it done. We've dedicated ourselves to the city of Houston and this organization.

    There was a soft side to him that a lot of people didn't get to know. He didn't let a lot of people in there. If you were in there, he was just like a dad. He'd give you anything. He was a giver, not a taker. That's the ultimate compliment.

    I'm glad it worked out and happened at home and my family was here, and the fans. At least we can take something positive out of it today.

    All these games could've went the other way. I think it was more destiny for these guys than it was for us.

    Obviously we understand the situation, but we have a healthy Andy. Andy wasn't healthy last time he pitched. He didn't let on to anybody, but his leg was killing him.

    Obviously, today four runs was enough, ... Andy pitched great and we played good defense. We had three double plays early that were big. The way the series started, that was a huge comeback to get two wins.

    He's an aggressive manager. He's not afraid to make changes and make adjustments or put certain plays on. We just go out and do what we're told, and he's making all the right moves.

    We thought it would be a chance for the fans to see him play one more time, but he wasn't into it. He didn't want to go out there and do badly. This Opening Day introduction will be nice.

    Obviously, 600 doubles is a heck of a lot of doubles, and I'm real proud of it, ... I remember hitting the 500th at home July 10, 2003. Who knows if you're ever going to be able to get to 600 Today I was fortunate to get there, so I'm proud of that.

    She didn't want me to miss two days considering the players that we have out and how banged up we are now. Typical baseball mom, she's taking it for the team.

    Was it worth the wait or what Forty-four years is a long time everybody, but I tell you what -- it's all worth it. It's bittersweet right now. It feels great. We love you guys very much. It's an unbelievable feeling right now for everybody in that clubhouse and you guys should enjoy it just as much as we are.

    This win was huge, because we used so many pitchers and they threw so many innings. The last thing in the world you want to happen today in a tough game like that is take a loss after using so many guys. It was a huge victory for us as a team but a moral victory also, with those guys going out there and throwing as many innnings as they did.

    It's a tough loss. We've been through a lot of adversity all season long. We've been able to bounce back and come back.

    That time he threw me one or two changes and I fouled one off and then the other one he got it up a little bit and I was able to get it far enough out. That gave us a (three-run lead), and with the way Andy was pitching that's all we needed.

    The key to our success this year is obviously not from our offense. It's from our pitching and defense. We made some plays when we had to. Brunt made a great play. This is the kind of baseball we're accustomed to playing this year. We bounced back and played a little better today.

    It's a huge home run under the circumstances the last couple of days, with what my mom went through. She wanted me to get here and not miss any games.

    Our fans are fired up, and it's great to have an opportunity to have another round with the Cardinals. We have another chance, we have a shot at it. There's only so many that you get. Coming from where we've come from, and to have a chance at this again, it's pretty special.

    Bobby Cox is one of the greatest managers of all time,

    Wags' got great stuff. We know Wags. We love him like a brother. We played together with him for almost 10 years, but when you're competing, you're competing. That means he wants to get you out and we want to win a ballgame.

    There are certain guys who get good jumps on balls, and there are other guys who see the bat head coming through and they know where the ball's going. That's Adam. You just take it for granted.

    Home runs just come from accidents by me, ... I just try to hit it solid and sometimes they go out. The record is nice to have but I'm not trying to hit them.

    We executed and we came out with a victory.

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