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    I don't have to do anything. Nothing. Just follow up with her and watch what I eat and drink a lot of water. I'll have a doctor in New York give her my urine samples. Hopefully things will stay where they're at, and actually can get better in terms of my high blood pressure and a little protein in my urine. There are little things you have going on that you have to monitor ... I'm relieved.

    Hey man, ... this is a make-or-break road trip right here.

    You walk into the clubhouse in Florida and there are five reporters. In New York it's 50. You almost can't believe it the first time you see it.

    He doesn't allow the success or hype to get to his head. Things are coming at him real fast and you can handle it two ways, well or not so well. He's handled it well and it's refreshing because you see a lot of things go wrong with young guys these days.

    I like that word, but it doesn't mean anything if you don't play like favorites. In my opinion, the Braves deserve that word. They deserve it more than us. We haven't done anything. Until you win it, you play second fiddle. So hopefully we'll derail them and put ourselves on the map.

    It's always important to see where you stand as a team. In a division like this, you need all the healthy bodies you can go with. But I'm not surprised with how we've kept it together. I just think guys know what's at stake the opportunity to win the Wild Card doesn't come around too often, so ...

    Floyd has never met Anthony, but he gladly discusses the self-help guru's impact. I heard the book is doing real well in New York, ... When you're doing well and you say something about something, it blows up on you.

    There's been a lot of stuff that's gone on here over the years, so it's refreshing for the fans to have a player like him come along now. His career is golden right now. Nobody besides Pedro is close in what he's going to do for this team. Fans really love this guy.

    He pitched good, not great. And if he doesn't give it up to Johnson, he pitches great.

    This is no pressure on Billy. A lot of it can be put on his shoulders. This can't be any different than Philly where Wagner pitched in 2004 and 2005. This is the same way as Philly. I hope he settles down and has some fun.

    I don't know what the heck I'm doing but, overall, everybody's just trying too hard. Hopefully, we can get it back because it would be a shame to waste what we've done so far.

    I'm pretty much out of words. I'm saying the same thing that I've been saying for the past five or six games. If you all don't remember, just go back and check your notes and find out.

    Day games here are definitely different than night games. The ball travels a little bit more. He ran out real quick. You're asking a guy who is very, very talented - very athletic - but who doesn't play as much to get a good read on the ball over his head off the wall. Your normal center fielder has a slightly better chance because he's out there every day.

    More times than not, doctors think because you're a big guy everything's cool. But talking to the doctor, she said that's not the case. Things aren't normal. They're off.

    I'll test it again (today) and if I can play, I'll play.

    I couldn't go over there, man. Once I saw the blood. I'm not good with blood. ... It choked me up for a minute. We were laughing and giggling one minute, the next minute, a man's down on the ground, both of them.

    I watch them play other teams, and they mess up. But not when we're here. They see us coming, and they say, 'Everything's going to be all right -- everything's going to go our way -- because the Mets are here. They know they're going to outplay us.

    It's in the identical spot as last year. I assume it's scar tissue or something.

    You're asking the wrong guy. My grandmother could get me out right now. He just pitched good.

    The worst thing about this is we are a good team. If you had told me that we were going to go through this in September, I would have called you the biggest liar in the world. It shocked the heck out of me. I'm lost only because we are a lot better than that. I'm pretty much out of words.

    We can't do what we're not capable of doing, ... The Phillies seemed real relaxed. I think we weren't that relaxed. And it showed. I was trying to be patient today, and Wednesday night. I was trying. You've got to make these guys work, think a little, and then make a mistake.

    I can't wait. I can't wait. It's going to be fun.

    It's time to get back out there, man, time to get this month turned around. I don't want to get in a rut here. I'm not saying our bench can't do the job, but I don't want us to have to rely on them so much. Having me back definitely puts a little more pressure on the pitcher.

    We're just trying to keep our heads above water. Like I said, we're in last place. The organization and the team are headed in the right direction and at the same time we've got to finish strong. It'd be a shame not to.

    It seems like I could write a book on what's been going on here. And we haven't even played a game yet.

    You go to a book store, there's a million books, ... I found one that relates to me. It's not telling you what to do. It's more, If you want to do this, you might want to try these things.' If it helps, continue. If it doesn't, stroll through the pages and find something that will help you.

    I don't know if we missed out on an opportunity, because they're a good team, too. But we just didn't get the job done,

    I'm pretty sure he lost it, or almost lost it a few times when he was out there.

    He produced at a crucial time. He has a good swing and some power. He would have had a chance to be our first baseman. He is a good fit and should help the Marlins.

    It's better. Hopefully (today) I'll feel even better than this and I'll get my butt back on the field.

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