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    It had elements of Miles Davis and Billie Holiday and little horn pieces. The way he combined that, I was like, Hmm. I bet he would get where Im trying to go with this record. It was taking a chance. God knows if he would even do it because it was kind of his first time, I think, even venturing into the pop world. I knew that it would be a different and new thing for him.

    People betrayed me and I had a really hard time. That, along with what I'd been through with my family and my father and hard times at school meant I was knocked down. It was too much and I felt I'd been through the wringer - I was like a punchbag. I think talking to people is important and my family have helped me through it. I'd definitely be open to going to a therapist. I went when I was younger. But making this record ('Stripped') has been therapeutic. It's a tough record, it's personal and it's made me feel vulnerable. It's honest. Emotionally I've laid myself bare - it's what's in my heart. I've been writing a lot of poems and I wanted to disappear from the public eye and live life for a minute. I didn't want to play it safe.8221

    It was a really hard time. Anything just set me off... I almost wanted to, you know, hurt myself. And it was the first time I'd ever had thoughts like that. I have a lot of pain and anger.

    I was in a weird head space, I was not myself, for sure. I was kind of running around, crazy, experiencing things for the first time. That was the first time I had really broken things, and it felt so good - beeping great.

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