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  • The Oklahoma Farmer-Stockman recently published two pictures, one of a dilapidated house and the other of a washed-away field. The magazine offered a prize for the best essay on the two pictures. The first prize was won by a Cherokee Indian, who wrote this Both pictures show that white man crazy. Make big teepee, plow hill, water wash down, windblown soil, grass all gone. Squaw gone, papoose too. No chuckaway. No pigs, no corn, no hay, no cow, no pony. Indian no plow land, keep grass, buffalo eat. Indian eat buffalo. Hide make teepee, moccasins too. Indian no make terrace, no build dam, no give a dam. All time eat, no hunt job, no hitch-hike, no ask relief, no shoot pig, Great spirit make grass, Indian no waste anything. Indian no work. White man heap crazy.
    (Cherokee Indian)

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