Charles de Secondat Quotes (41 Quotes)

    Men, who are rogues individually, are in the mass very honorable people.

    Do you think that God will punish them for not practicing a religion which he did not reveal to them?

    Each particular society begins to feel its strength, whence arises a state of war between different nations.

    There are three species of government: republican, monarchical, and despotic.

    There is only one thing that can form a bond between men, and that is gratitude... we cannot give someone else greater power over us than we have ourselves.

    The success of most things depends upon knowing how long it will take to succeed.

    Man, as a physical being, is like other bodies governed by invariable laws.

    The object of war is victory; that of victory is conquest; and that of conquest preservation.

    I would as soon say that religion gives its professors a right to enslave those who dissent from it, in order to render its propagation more easy.

    God is related to the universe, as Creator and Preserver the laws by which He created all things are those by which He preserves them.

    Although born in a prosperous realm, we did not believe that its boundaries should limit our knowledge, and that the lore of the East should alone enlighten us.

    The deterioration of a government begins almost always by the decay of its principles.

    They who assert that a blind fatality produced the various effects we behold in this world talk very absurdly; for can anything be more unreasonable than to pretend that a blind fatality could be productive of intelligent beings?

    As soon as man enters into a state of society he loses the sense of his weakness; equality ceases, and then commences the state of war.

    I have always observed that to succeed in the world one should appear like a fool but be wise.

    There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.

    In bodies moved, the motion is received, increased, diminished, or lost, according to the relations of the quantity of matter and velocity; each diversity is uniformity, each change is constancy.

    People here argue about religion interminably, but it appears that they are competing at the same time to see who can be the least devout.

    When the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person, or in the same body of magistrates, there can be no liberty; because apprehensions may arise, lest the same monarch or senate should enact tyrannical laws, to execute them in a tyrannical manner.

    Religious wars are not caused by the fact that there is more than one religion, but by the spirit of intolerance... the spread of which can only be regarded as the total eclipse of human reason.

    Not to be loved is a misfortune, but it is an insult to be loved no longer.

    Thus the creation, which seems an arbitrary act, supposes laws as invariable as those of the fatality of the Atheists. It would be absurd to say that the Creator might govern the world without those rules, since without them it could not subsist.

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