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    We are excited to be backing Carlos. For most of us, foosball is a fun pastime but when you see it played at its highest level as Carlos plays it you gain a higher appreciation for the game, ... Now that I'm living in Costa Rica, I can see first-hand how excited people are for Carlos, who took on the best in the world and beat all but one. He's a true local hero.

    In helping to grow the poker industry as a whole and to bring more exposure to the stars of poker, the players -- the Player of the Year Awards Show will further cement poker's prominence in the mainstream -- and is proud to be the gala's exclusive sponsor.

    These teams have seen each other before. We can expect four hard-fought games and probably more animosity than usual. Stakes are high as we enter into the divisional round, and many factors should be considered before you decide which teams to bet on.

    The Steelers, still nursing their wounds after their first loss of the season to the New England Patriots, will be back in full force to take on the explosive Chargers, ... The AFC is tough and these are both very good teams who want to prove they are at the head of the class in the conference.

    Bodog. com has always had a very popular refer-a-friend program, and this can be directly attributed to the high quality of customer service we provide. In an industry where credibility is king, and 'word of mouth' advertising is extremely important, our players are integral to spreading the word about the quality of our brand. We would like to thank each of our players for sharing their online entertainment experience with their friends.

    Our target market is recreational bettors, but that doesn't mean we expel the wise guys. A big bet for us is maybe 10,000.

    ...a great opportunity to network with our peers and take the online gaming industry to a new level of quality and entertainment value for the players.

    After a surprising Divisional Playoff weekend, I anticipate more excitement and for two more riveting games to be played before the Super Bowl contenders are decided.

    I actually think regulation is bad. An unregulated market creates competition at its highest levels, which means innovation, which is a good thing for the players,

    I can understand the frustration felt by the many basketball players who feel that they have been forced to conform with the league's new dress code, ... Iverson and other NBA players have suggested that they will not abide by the league's dress code, and Bodog. com will offer to reimburse any fines levied, and match the payment with a donation to each player's charity of choice.

    Online poker has served as a learning platform for many players who have now started to take part in poker tournaments in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and elsewhere. The online poker rooms are less intimidating for many new players and serve as a stepping stone for their move to land-based poker rooms.

    We're doubling in size every year. On the growth curve we are at right now, we will by ourselves be bigger than the state of Nevada in sports betting.

    Teaming with Brandon Lang seemed like a natural for us, ... We're very excited to be working with one of the most successful handicappers in the world.

    The location of Costa Rica was originally chosen based on gaming laws. I was legally able to set up business down here. Every place where I operate I make sure that we are really strict about complying with all local laws.

    Those are the only two similarities. The show is about my life. How the hell can they tell me what's going on in my life

    It would be disastrous for the international online industry. It would be the worst thing that could happen. I think it's 20 years out.

    I don't think the Las Vegas books are really significant to us anymore. I know we don't look at them, but I suspect they pay a lot of attention to us.

    Everyone seems to have his or her pick on who will be the next James Bond. That's because Bond films resonate with movie-goers. Bond, himself, is suave and elegant, and the films are always edgy and suspenseful. Those are the reasons why these action-thrillers remain contemporary and never fail to make an impact with audiences.

    I have a great amount of respect for the charitable role Mr. Iverson and other basketball stars play within their communities, ... Many of these sports stars are role models, and actively participate in charities benefiting the underprivileged youth of the American inner cities. There are players who will undoubtedly be fined by the league for dress-code infractions, so it makes sense to put the money to good use.

    The significant increase of pop culture wagers placed at reflects the popularity of wagering on the most talked about entertainment events, We are the industry's driving force behind these types of wagers.

    Each week, just before the kickoff of Monday Night Football, thousands of bettors visit to cash in on their sports-betting intuition. The Monday Night Football 'horse trailer' proposition bet is simply another offering we provide to enhance our players' wagering experience.

    I thought, This is a good idea. I'll get to live in the tropics and when the dust all settles, I'll have a couple million dollars.' That's not even a good month for me anymore. Bodog has killed my expectations, turning into more than I ever even contemplated.

    Sports betting is going to continue to steadily grow. Some market analysts suggest a 10-20 growth per year.

    Our advertising partnership with Allegiant Air is a natural fit for us. Branding encompasses everything from good customer service to strategic advertising positioning and targeting. This in-air branding exercise will allow us to target a specific player demographic, while continuing to expand the presence of our brand throughout the continental United States.

    The Cowboys-Raiders game pits two storied franchises against each other. Even if these were the two worst teams in the league, we would want to watch. Both teams have talent, though, and this is going to be an exciting game. No matter what happens on the field, you know Raider Nation will have a rude greeting for the visitors from Dallas.

    We are deeply saddened to hear of the many victims caught in the devastating path of the hurricane. So many people have been adversely affected by this natural disaster, and our benefit poker tournament is the least we can do to help ease the pain of those who were most affected.

    Before watching Sharapova on the court, remember to check out her chances for victory. Sharapova has been on a tear this season, and earlier this month unseated Lindsay Davenport as the No. 1-ranked player in women's tennis.

    Bettors looking to cash in on their NFL betting intuition have only a few days left to bet on the outcome of Sunday's Super Bowl. To round out the betting experience for our players, has been offering a wide variety of quality and unique proposition wagers for the Super Bowl.

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