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    In a sense, the movie is about what happens when an old romance returns unexpectedly and also the anger we all have toward people that let us down or leave us behind. This is about the obstacles that befall an idealistic man. It's about an old-fashioned hero in a modern world that isn't sure it wants him.

    Things have moved on, people have moved on. Lois Lane has moved on. Superman is the same, but the world is changed. And that's what makes the movie interesting.

    I never intended to cast a well-known actor. A known actor comes with baggage, and Superman as a character is much larger than any actor. I wanted him to come just with the baggage of the superhero. That's enough history to contend with.

    On an external level, the movie's about how an idealistic superhero functions in the modern world, ... But it ultimately becomes a story about what happens when an old boyfriend comes back into your life, and about Superman trying to find a place in Lois Lane's world. I'm attempting to make a very emotional film. This is certainly the most romantic, and the funniest, movie I've made, and toward the end it gets a bit intense.

    From comic books to radio to TV to the movies, everyone knows this character. And they have an idea of who he should be. Those can be big expectations.

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