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    We basically want to make these materials available to anybody and everybody who has a stake in selling beer.

    Wine has done an excellent job of romancing their process, and I think we need to do more of that, ... It should be about the glory of the liquid and the experience and the refreshment and the long brewing tradition.

    It's no longer good enough to be a mass media brand. We have to learn how to sell small.

    This whole premise of 'Who would you like to have a beer with' has incredible legs. We envision this as an industry platform that can run a long time.

    It starts to send a different signal about the demographics of beer. It starts to paint a slightly different picture than what people might come to expect (from beer), and it totally puts a different face on beer.

    Of course, some experts simply say beer has become the boring drink. ... You aren't going to drink vodka gimlets after you mow the lawn.

    There is no other media event in which we can reach so many beer drinkers at one time, which makes this a very efficient media buy for us.

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