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    If you have the personalities down, you understand them and identify with them you can stick them in any situation and have a pretty good idea of how they're going to respond. Then it's just a matter of sanding and polishing up the jokes. But if you've got more ambiguous characters or stock stereotypes, the plastic comes through and they don't work as well. These two characters clicked for me almost immediately and I feel very comfortable working with them.

    Calvin's parents Unnamed because as far as the strip is concerned, they are important only as Calvin's mom and dad, ... I've tried to keep them realistic, with a reasonable sense of humor about having a kid like Calvin.

    You should stick with what you enjoy, what you find funny -- that's the humor that will be the strongest, and that will transmit itself. Rather then trying to find out what the latest trend is, you should draw what is personally interesting.

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    - The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

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