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    inevitably delay the capacity of the government to make major procurements.

    The bottom line is that the public expects parties to make Parliament work with a degree of co-operation, respect and even collaboration.

    I do not believe we purchased substandard equipment ... the price was very attractive to Canada,

    We don't see any advantage in moving toward UN control,

    they are strictly rationed in respect of our needs to get around our country and for our international travel.

    There are lots of countries around that have weapons of mass destruction. We can't presumably attack them all.

    A coordinated response is being prepared, ... We made it clear that if military assets are needed, we will make available whatever is requested.

    This is a great day. Unfortunately, it's a great day for American industry, for American politics and trade and it's a disaster for Canada for free trade and the Canadian industry.

    For billing and authorizations, we have had to adjust our time-out parameters to accommodate an extended wait period of up to one and a half minutes,

    I did point out (that) his is a minority that is even less strong than ours and on many of these issues he knows that not only (does) he represent a minority of members of the House, but also in terms of the electorate.

    They're available subject of course to the host country Pakistan wanting them and subject to our determining that it's appropriate, the conditions are right for them to do that.

    I think there is a concern that it will be perceived by the troops themselves as a lack of respect for the sacrifice they're making.

    Content and services can be exposed from our site and be branded by partners, so it looks to visitors like they are on the customer's site. For exposing our content as a Web service, we're doing the heavy lifting. For the consumer of the Web service, it's more like pointing a network toward a URL.

    It's something that won't go away. We're very resentful . . . because not one suspect had been in Canada. All had been in the U.S., training in the U.S., with valid U.S. visas.

    To generations of Canadians, Smokey stood for courage and resolve at a time of great need, a testiment to his tremendous strength of character and his commitment to this country.

    Many legislators believe the government has other motives and that their real intention is to try to reduce the impact of these incidents on the population.

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