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    When you want to do your homework, fill out your tax return, or see all the choices for a trip you want to take, you need a full-size screen.

    Only through focus can you do world-class things, no matter how capable you are.

    We decided that we wanted our developers to come with clear minds, not polluted by some other approach, to learn the way that we liked to develop software, and to put the kind of energy into it that we thought was key.

    Ray has never really been an outsider. Even when he was developing (Lotus) Notes, he was helping us improve Windows. Moreover, Ray is super well-respected inside Microsoft, just as he is throughout the industry.

    Governments around the world tell us that to interoperate effectively they need a more structured approach to building information technology (IT) systems. Deploying an e-Government Strategy will help governments improve productivity and service delivery through seamless interoperability--as well as dramatically help cut costs.

    The one top problem we've got in hardware advances is getting everybody connected at high speeds...Most people even five years from now will probably still be connected through the phone line,

    I don't think there's anything unique about human intelligence. All the neurons in the brain that make up perceptions and emotions operate in a binary fashion.

    That means a lot of invention, a lot of improvement, from where we are today.

    Windows 2000 already contains features such as the human discipline component, where the PC can send an electric shock through the keyboard if the human does something that does not please Windows.

    Microsoft is committed to playing its role by making a broad set of investments in the country. Just less than a year ago, when I met with the prime minister, we made some very concrete commitments about increased investment, and I'm pleased to see that all of those have come to pass and they've all been very successful.

    We learn that the ill-fated Apple Lisa may -- or may not -- have been named after Jobs' daughter, born out of wedlock just months before the project's inception that the Mac Plus' code name was Mr. T ... ... just because you broke into Xerox's house before I did and took the TV doesn't mean I can't go in later and take the stereo.

    If there's anything that can be drawn from the presence of large numbers of demonstrators, it's the question of whether the rich world is giving back enough in setting the terms of trade, health resource or whatever, so that we're reaching out enough to the world at large,

    There are a lot of things here that can be beneficial not only to these two companies, but to other people working with music.

    We all learn best in our own ways. Some people do better studying one subject at a time, while some do better studying three things at once. Some people do best studying in structured, linear way, while others do best jumping around, ''surrounding'' a subject rather than traversing it. Some people prefer to learn by manipulating models, and others by reading.

    It would pose as a constant temptation to our youth.

    Microsoft is running its entire business, Exchange Server and SAP, and everything on Windows 2000,

    There are many years where Waterloo is the university we hire the most people from of any university in the world. Waterloo has always been in the top five every year.

    Microsoft, as we have been throughout the case, is very open to the idea of settlement. We don't think extensive litigation and the resources that involves are really good for anyone. We will see if that's a possibility,

    Getting the video sources into the PC has been a limiting factor. We're making progress making the video content easily accessible on the PC.

    In terms of fast food and deep understanding of the culture of fast food, I'm your man.

    There are some new modern-day sort of communists who want to get rid of the incentive for musicians and moviemakers and software makers under various guises. They don't think that those incentives should exist.

    Building a Digital Nervous System does not require some huge new investment in hardware and software. In fact, most companies have the key building blocks today.

    But the government made some non-negotiable demands that were very surprising to us,

    Whether it's real-time communications, the speed or the consumer scenarios like photos and music, we're creating a platform that not only has what we're calling new experiences built in, but creates overall opportunity for third parties,

    Building on our strengths as a software company, X-Box will offer game developers a powerful platform and game enthusiasts an incredible experience, ... We want X-Box to be the platform of choice for the best and most creative game developers in the world.

    This is something we're very committed to, it's something that I think people are underestimating right now as they've seen some of the dot-com promises not come through. I think they're missing the fact that the basic technology is moving forward, the new platforms are here and this vision of the digital decade will be a reality.

    The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

    My tax return in the United States has to be kept on a special computer because their normal computers can't deal with the numbers. So I am constantly getting these notices telling me I haven't paid something when really it is just on the wrong computer.

    The legal process can be hard on anyone who goes through it, and the last four years have been challenging for all of us here at Microsoft, and for me personally, ... But despite the many twists and turns in the case, I've always had faith in our company and our employees and in the magic of the software we're creating.

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