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    I don't think it's necessarily healthy to go into relationships as a needy person. Better to go in with a full deck.

    I've always thought with relationships, that it's more about what you bring to the table than what you're going to get from it. It's very nice if you sit down and the cake appears. But if you go to the table expecting cake, then it's not so good.

    I don't see myself ever retiring, unless it's for something that I like better, and so far I like directing a lot but I don't see the necessity to retire from anything unless there's a really great alternative.

    I'm very fond of doing movies where men fight over me. I don't get to do enough.

    I like it when you read a script and there's the part that you show to the other characters and then there's the part that only the audience knows.

    Oh, all kinds of lunacy happens in Ireland, all kinds of lunacy.

    Lots of women are working in the industry, and they're doing more directing with more coming up. I think it's all pretty good.

    There's always that question of what do you do first thing in the morning-hair and makeup or do you go and set up the shot. You can't be at all places at all times. So you have to try and not hold yourself hostage and be methodical about the work and hope that the weather gods will smile.

    Where there is age there is evolution, where there is life there is growth.

    When my mother died, I was 17 years old, and I literally got on a plane and flew to America, and didn't really come back. I have been back to Ireland in short spurts, just skimming the surface of my formative years.

    I do like the ocean wave, actually. I'm born under the sign of Cancer - the sign of the crab - so I like coastal areas and sunny beaches and such - although not the wide-open and deep seas.

    It's still possible to find pockets of old Dublin - but its becoming more and more rarified.

    I'm not sad that I haven't had any children, because there are a lot in my family. My brother's children in their early twenties are great.

    I'm not really big on slapstick humor. I like gentle humor.

    My biggest ambition is never to be bored. I'm not aggressive enough to strongly run after being an actress.

    My father was extremely loving to me and funny and wise and understanding, and at other times extremely demanding, critical, calculating, exacting. When you're a young woman, I think you want to please a lot, so maybe you accept more of the criticism than you would as an older person. But criticism can be very wounding. It certainly was to me.

    Going back to Ireland involves at least six to seven emotional breakdowns for me per day.

    I know certainly, when one job draws to a close, that I feel I'm simply never going to work again. No one will ever want me for anything ever again. I think that's a vulnerable moment in every actor's life, and it happens every time you finish a film.

    I am a person whose father had no religion but who went to the nuns for a couple of years. And I think I'm the same: On one hand, I pray; on the other hand, I don't believe. I am constantly between the two.

    I have two new nephews and a new niece this year, so I have plenty of kids that I can spend time with.

    I'm not all that big on rides. I sort of like bumper cars but I don't really go to Disneyland all that much unless if have nieces and nephews or people to take.

    Some people had fathers who were bankers or farmers, my father made films, that's how I saw it. As for the movie stars, they were just around, some of them were friends, others weren't, it was all just a part of my everyday life.

    It was great to work in Ireland because it's such a beautiful country, but it's not particularly easy to film in because the weather changes all the time.

    I was actually in my mid-30s when I got the Oscar. And yeah, it does kind of spoil you in terms of the kind of stuff you look for.

    I think all actors - they'll hate me for saying this - but we are babies. We like to be loved, and we'll do anything if we're loved.

    I had one nanny who made me sit in front of a bowl of porridge for three or four days running when I refused to eat it. I remember being very unhappy about that.

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