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    It was unbelievably close. I can't believe I won. I have been fighting the downhill all year and I didn't come here with a positive attitude I was hoping to finish top 10.

    I'm happy. This has been a good Olympics. It was always a tough fight with the snow. I really wanted a medal today, but you can't have it all.

    I think I beat her in only one place today - the start. She beat the heck out of me everywhere else.

    When I stood up there before the second run I was tired. But I thought this could be the last race in a long time so I just wanted to enjoy it and have fun and I did.

    She has one of my old coaches as a trainer. She's really shown herself a few times this year. She did a really good training run in the downhill so I know she can ski fast.

    It didn't bother me a lot today. It's hard to say about my knees' condition because it's going up and down every day. When I came here I felt pain in my knees.

    I wanted to come here to be Olympic champion, but today I lost one of my opportunities.

    Any kind of combined is cool. I think the super combined is pretty good because it's just a one-run slalom and it gives the speed skiers a better chance. I think the super-combined is something that will stay. For me, it's better than the normal combined with the two-run slalom.

    I changed a lot of my lines from yesterday and I used different tactics to get faster lines.

    It makes it hard to enjoy the fight for the individual races. I was really trying to win today but I just made mistakes because the course was so tough.

    It's nice to be here in Levi again. I think the atmosphere is brilliant. The slope is in good condition.

    My knee is better today and I felt more comfortable today and I wasn't as scared as I was yesterday. But it still hurts when I land that last jump here and I have to be careful and really take each day at a time. I have six more runs to do and I really hope that my knee is strong enough for all six.

    I was attacking as much as I could because I knew I had to do my best after having no luck in the combined slalom.

    My first run was really good. Second run it started snowing a little bit. I knew it was tight. The snow wasn't smooth. It was all the time something happening, and it was hard to see.

    I just trusted my skis and told myself, 'Don't worry about the snow, you're not going to see it anyway.

    Everyone is battling. Last year I was lucky, I had a good season, but this year it's hard to stay up there. Everybody's really fighting for it. But it's nice to have the red bib.

    Even though it's easier to chase than to be chased, I definitely want to win a crystal globe. It would be a lot of fun to do it in front of the home crowd.

    It's perfect for me that she's the favorite. She's skiing great right now and skied a hell of a lot better than me. She can take the favorite role. I don't mind.

    I still have a medal and I am very happy for my bronze and happy for the Swedish nation that I could bring back a medal. But I really, really do hope the snow is harder (Sunday) than it is right now and the weather will not destroy the race.

    I hurt my hip bone and there is bleeding around it. I didn't know if I could race today.

    We set up a goal for this year to try to achieve a gold medal. It's hard when you do all five disciplines. We set up a totally different training schedule so that I would peak at the Olympics.

    He's my idol. I'm just a small girl, from a small town in Sweden.

    My first leg was really good. I have never seen myself ski so tight. I was very lucky with the number (start position two in the first leg) because the snow really got bad in the first leg.

    This felt really great, it was fun today and I was able to ski aggressively.

    I hope she's healthy. But I have to start thinking about myself and not anyone else.

    It's not an easy downhill, that's for sure. There's something happening all the time. It's almost a two-minute downhill at high altitude.

    I crossed my skis really bad. I was waiting for the crash ... for my head to hit the snow.

    They told me that I had gone top as I left the finish area, but it's not something I'm spending much time thinking about right now.

    Every time at the Olympic games it's always something. Today, in the second run it was smooth but first run, people who should not be allowed at the start are at the start trying to do something, I don't know what. This isn't right. I needed them. It shouldn't be this way.

    Coming into this week was pretty hard because Lake Louise was not so good for me. I just had so much bad luck.

    She won again today. OK, I won, too, but I think she is the favorite at the Olympics.

    Today it felt like I skied, compared to the last two days.

    In Norway my knees were OK, but right now I feel a little pain. I'm going to fight through this World Cup season and I'm quite confident about this weekend's races.

    I come from a very small village with only small mountains and for us to get a medal in downhill was not even a dream three years ago.

    I have everything under control and I can handle the pain threshold so I should be able to ski the rest of the season. I really want to come to the finals and race the whole program.

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