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    It's important tomorrow to come out with the same intent we ended today, perhaps more,

    We realized we underperformed with the bat, and the bowlers came to the party today,

    There are times when I have felt the pressure, but at the moment I play cricket the only way I can.

    It's been an unbelievable day and I can't find the words to describe how KP played. It's one of the great innings. But then we've all performed. The strength of this side is that different people have stuck their hands up at different times during the series.

    At the end of this summer it's going to be great going to Australia and sharing a dressing room with some of the best players in the world,

    It's been a great series, ... To be honest, David, I'm struggling. It's been a roller-coaster. We played against a great Australian side who are full of world-class performers, but every time a performance was needed one of us stood up and delivered it.

    I'm going to be like a kid in a sweet shop. I'll be taking my autograph book and I won't quite know where to put myself. It's great when I think back two years because I was still trying to play for England never mind even being thought about for a World XI side

    If we manage to square the series here, which we believe we can do, it would be a fantastic achievement.

    To compete you need a big score in the first innings and that means a hundred from one of our batsmen. In the last test we got starts, it will be nice if someone can go on and make a big 100 and get us past 400.

    We've got to chase 170 and we can't just graft it - we've still got to play the way we play. We're a positive side and score runs in a positive manner. I don't think that will change.

    Alastair scored 60 and a hundred against two of the finest spin bowlers in the world. He had so much composure that he looked like he had played 100 Test matches.

    When I got out and I was sat up in the dressing-room I didn't know what to do with myself. I was really sick at one stage ... and I got quite emotional at the end when Ashley knocked the winning runs off. I never thought we'd lost it because the partnerships we needed were very small, but there's always that devil on your shoulder just chipping away at you. It was a massive release when we got over the line.

    I told all the players last night and they were really happy for me. It's a great feeling. Rachael is out of hospital and doing fine and so is Corey.

    It is a good opportunity to play against Australia again in Australia and will hold all the same challenges,

    I don't expect that to happen again. There are so many plus points to talk about India and its very knowledgeable cricket fans.

    We'll be playing for pride, there are three games to go and we've got to take something out of them.

    He wore his tracksuit on the first day and sometimes he would turn up in his whites and go home in them, just to get out of the place as quickly as possible. Even when we did try and make him feel at home by going out for dinner, he left early,

    There are four games left and we still have to believe we can get into the series. We always play with pride, there is a mountain to climb but the lads want to do it and so do I.

    We're in a position where it's possible to chase 350. It's not easy by any means, and it'll take a special performance by someone, but we've got the players to do it.

    We bowled well as a unit which we have been doing for a period of time,

    It is something of a shock, to be honest. Both my family and myself are very proud to have won it and I am pleased the whole team have got one (an MBE) because throughout the Ashes there was somebody different contributing at different times.

    Our bowlers did a great job and we expected to chase the target as we were in a good position at one stage. But there are still six matches to go.

    I have got a bit in me yet. As a batter I am hoping to get better and better, and when I get to 33 I hope I will be firing on all cylinders.

    I struggled coming into international cricket at first,

    Last time I played five or six games for Lancashire in 2003 it kick-started my season.

    We competed with India. We were there in the game and it took a special innings to beat us.

    There are a lot of new faces but people see it as an opportunity to put their name on the map and get into the England side. Our team is a young side and we can take a lot of heart out of it. We have not got ahead of ourselves. We have done the simple things correctly, we have not got too clever. I've had a lot of help and I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I'll be taking my autograph book and I won't quite know where to put myself,

    The lads are desperate to win. It is a mountain to climb now but they want to do it and so do I.

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