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Quotes about zealously (9 Quotes)

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  • Their faces were zealously blank, their eyes filled with bland fire.
    (Stephen King, "The Gunslinger")
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  • If one studies too zealously, one easily loses his pants.
    (Albert Einstein)
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  • I believe we zealously defended Mr. Bentley. The jury spoke.
    (Peter Persaud)
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  • Bigot: One who is obstinately and zealously attached to an opinion that you do not entertain.
    (Ambrose Bierce)
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  • With regard to future bliss, I cannot help imagining that multitudes of the zealously orthodox of different sects, who at the last day may flock together in hopes of seeing each other damned, will be disappointed, and obliged to rest content With the
    (Benjamin Franklin)
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  • Lady, that in the prime of earliest youth Wisely hast shunned the broad way and the green, And with those few art eminently seen, That labour up the hill of heavenly truth, The better part with Mary and with Ruth Chosen thou hast and they that overween, And at thy growing virtues fret their spleen, No anger find in thee, but pity and ruth. Thy care is fixed, and zealously attends To fill thy odorous lamp with deeds of light, And hope that reaps not shame. Therefore be sure Thou, when the Bridegroom with His feastful friends Passes to bliss at the mid hour of night, Hast gained thy entrance, Virgin wise and pure.
    (John Milton)
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  • Okay, turning your prospects' cell phones into ringing spam machines is probably not your idea of cultivating goodwill. And it's not likely to happen. Unlike e-mail, mobile phones aren't readily accessible to marketers -- mobile phone privacy is zealously guarded by big carriers like Verizon and Nextel, as well as by law. There's an opening, however, and smart advertisers are preparing to drive a truck through it. Provided a consumer clearly opts in -- say, by dialing or text-messaging a certain number -- carriers are slowly becoming more or less amenable to letting marketers return a text message, or even an audio or video file, to that consumer's phone. Mobile phone ads are already big in some parts of Europe and Asia, and it's just starting to take hold here. McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts are among the companies that have beamed coupons to U. S. cell phones, eliciting coupon-redemption rates as high as 17. Mobile-phone marketing today is where Internet advertising was in 1996 -- it's about to take off, ... There are already more mobile phones in use worldwide than televisions and computers put together.
    (Michael Baker)
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  • Mr. Overton filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of the family. He is zealously representing them as their advocate. I think it's best that I don't engage in a debate with him over the lawsuit.
    (Don Aaron)
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  • A fair trial requires defense counsel who can defend their clients zealously, without fear of reprisal.
    (Richard Dicker)
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