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    Yet, in spite of this world-wide system of linkages, there is, at this very moment, a general feeling that communication is breaking down everywhere, on an unparalleled scale.

    I am excited about being able to make this announcement, and to know this is a new sell-out record. This is further evidence of the importance of this show in the agricultural industry, world-wide. This is especially exciting news, since the show grounds were just expanded for the 2004 show. We are ahead of sales projections.

    There is a lot of interest in resources stocks and the sector looks set for a good move forward. There are all the usual stories about overseas predators targeting Australian miners, which look cheap on a world-wide comparison.

    Senator Stephen Douglas is of world-wide renown. All the anxious politicians of his party, or who have been of his party for years past, have been looking upon him as certainly, at no distant day, to be the President of the United States. They have seen in his round, jolly, fruitful face, post offices, land offices, marshalships, and cabinet appointments, chargeships and foreign missions, bursting and sprouting out in wonderful exuberance ready to be laid hold of by their greedy hands.

    The defiance of established authority, religious and secular, social and political, as a world-wide phenomenon may well one day be accounted the outstanding event of the last decade.

    World-wide practice of Conservation and the fair and continued access by all nations to the resources they need are the two indispensable foundations of continuous plenty and of permanent peace.

    Exploitation and oppression is not a matter of race. It is the system, the apparatus of world-wide brigandage called imperialism, which made the Powers behave the way they did.

    One of the other things I like about the April program is it gives me a chance to talk some to the audience. In researching this, I found some interesting connections between these pieces. During the time ragtime was popular, it was a world-wide craze. Brahms wrote some, and so did Stravinsky. In fact, the last thing Stravinsky wrote before 'A Soldier's Tale' was a ragtime piece, and that helps explain the quirky style of that piece.

    This decision is a victory for free speech on the Internet. The Internet provides unique opportunities for ordinary citizens to speak to a world-wide audience on matters of public concern. Trademark law must not be used to inhibit the freedom of speech in this powerful and important medium.

    Christ had given the apostles a world-wide commission, embracing all the nations; but intellectually they did not understand what He meant. They found that out as they followed the impulse of the Spirit.

    This company, from what I've been told, has a very strong reputation, has a world-wide reputation for doing excellent financial analysis, ... We were very pleased that they applied.

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