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    Junior Sarah Geden has been very solid for three years for us, and she will continue to be as long as her health holds up. Junior Felicia Catarella is a workhorse who put in more mileage this summer than anyone else.

    He's a big kid, a workhorse who can give you a lot of innings. He's very resilient and his arm bounces back really well. He's shown glimpses of being a pretty good pitcher.

    IM is becoming a mainline way in which people do work in the enterprise and customers have been asking for a secure IM client, and we are now offering them this. This is the workhorse release for business users.

    All that stinginess, plus the everywhere-presence of workhorse Tony Porto, enabled the Green Wave to do what was necessary to push their record to 2-0. We didn't do anything spectacular on offense, ... But Tony Porto bailed us out several times.

    I couldn't be happier for Jeff Weaver, looking at the job that he's done here over the last two years, being the workhorse of the staff and pitching deep into games more times than not, ... To see this guy grow into what he's becoming now, you feel awfully good about that.

    That's just Mike. I'd buy some of those arms if I could. Mike is ready to go. He trains himself very well in the off-season. Mentally, he came in with the attitude that he just wants to do whatever it takes to win. He's a workhorse. That's his only thing. He knows how to work.

    We are aggressively driving the transformation to an entire new generation of multi-core servers. As the most widely-deployed 64bit platform in the industry, Xeon is the clear server and workstation workhorse for business. And as we support the transition to multi-core enterprise computing, Intel is already sampling next-generation processors and platforms that will consume orders of magnitude less power and incorporate new platform technologies that deliver leadership manageability, virtualization and IO efficiency.

    He was a workhorse, on both sides of the football. He ran the ball hard, and was a focal point, shutting down the field at middle linebacker. Missing Renner makes him the featured back. Having him and Mark Wright as the one-two punch, that's still a pretty solid rushing attack.

    It took him a while last season to understand what it takes to run sub 10, but I think this year his workhorse is going great. We corrected a lot of mistakes he made last year. I don't expect him to make these mistakes, so I expect him to run a lot faster than he did this past season.

    I'm really glad I bought this thing. It has been an amazing workhorse. I don't like to take chances, but at least I know that if it breaks through, it will float like a boat and get me out again.

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