Quotes about wetting (8 Quotes)

    Parents sometimes ask what they can do to get the child to stop wetting the bed. The classes I've attended say, for the most part, children outgrow it. It's as if one day they wake up dry and never wet the bed again.

    You said we stole food and then you would starve us for a whole day. You would make me wear Pampers during the entire 12 years I was there and I never had a problem wetting the bed.

    Parents and children alike need to understand that a child cannot be trained to stop wetting the bed. Parents often offer bribes or rewards in an attempt to get kids to not wet the bed and become frustrated when they fail.

    It's very common after hurricanes to see changes in school performance. (An) overall anxiety, increase in fear, increase in worry, maybe more withdrawal, more irritability. Maybe sleep habits and eating habits would be different. And some kids may start to regress, maybe wetting the bed, changing their behavior. Maybe older kids would start to talk in baby talk.

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