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    VOIP has been all about free PC-to-PC calls. Area775 is the first service that links VOIP to the traditional phone world and gives users unprecedented power to manage their voice communications by screening and answering calls on any SIP device, computer or regular phone, as well as transferring calls between their devices.

    What is special about VOIP is that it's just another thing you can do on the Internet, whereas it is the only thing - or nearly the only thing with the exception of the dial-up modem and fax - that you can do on the public switched telephone network.

    As VoIP is now moving into the mainstream, service providers are beginning to face new challenges related to operational scalability - growing the business at the speed of the market. With a history of success and proven deployment experience, Ensim helps service providers ensure a scalable and successful hosted VoIP deployment, and I'm proud to include Ensim in this year's pulver 100.

    The innovative backbone behind Vivox's IP communication services, combined with Jeff's expertise and thought-leadership proved to be an ideal opportunity for GrandBanks Capital to extend our portfolio into the VoIP space. We look forward to working together with Vivox to build an industry leader in the VoIP market.

    We give out real telephone numbers to all subscribers, so users can make voice calls to a friend's cell phone from their computer. Not only going from video to voice, but also completely off of the video network, a user can place a call from a cell phone to a video number and have a VOIP call.

    Offering Packet8 subscribers an effective and reliable E911 solution has always been a priority for 8x8, as evidenced by our pioneering role in being the first VoIP service provider to offer true, replacement enhanced 911 services to our subscribers beginning in June 2004, more than a year ahead of the FCC's actions, ... Our subscribers can expect to receive the same response to a 911 call placed on their Packet8 service as calls made from a PSTN line, no matter where their emergency calls are placed in the U. S.

    We're pleased to be working closely with companies such as LatiNode and Qualmax as we introduce the IMG 1010 to the market, ... LatiNode recognizes the true value of technology, which allows the company to take full advantage of the IMG 1010's robust feature set. As a result, LatiNode will rapidly capitalize on VoIP growth opportunities.

    We believe that WiFi is not just another Bluetooth or infrared port, ... It is foundational to what people will be doing with smartphones in the future. While Voice over IP is sometimes seen as a threat to operators' revenue streams it is also a big opportunity. It allows them to address new and emerging markets, in different sectors of the industry. Beyond VoIP, we see streaming media and interactive gaming as the other areas to benefit from WiFi.

    We're very pleased to be working closely with Nortel. Their confidence in selecting us for this strategic relationship is strong validation of our technology and market leadership in the exciting world of VoIP.

    If eBay really wanted some VoIP technology it could have bought it cheaper or built it itself, ... If it is not paying for VoIP technology what is it paying for The brand and the number of registered users.

    Interoperability is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses and government agencies today as they plan their migration to VOIP and IP telephony. This alliance addresses that challenge, ensuring that regardless of where enterprises are in this migration, their traditional voice networks will interoperate with their IP-based voice network and equipment.

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