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    He was prescient in appreciating how the information technology revolution would lead to an upsurge in productivity at a time when people were having a tough time understanding what all these new computers were doing to us.

    This is financed entirely through the generosity of the community. It's very important that our troops know just how much we support them. There's always an upsurge (in support) during the holidays. And that support is absolutely wonderful. But we also think it's important not to forget our soldiers the other 11 months.

    We did not see the tremendous upsurge in injuries we thought we might get, ... It gets really difficult when it is tremendously hot during the night - not just when it is really hot days, but when it is really hot weeks.

    They (IMF) will be very concerned with the upsurge of inflation. The other problem will be that the government still maintains 18 products under price controls.

    An abrupt end to the U.S. military presence would probably lead to an upsurge of violence among Iraqis and offer new opportunities for terrorists, but this does not excuse the absence of a new strategy for orderly disengagement.

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