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    We've been like umpteen points behind (in the standings) and caught people so two goals down in the first 10 minutes is not that big a hill to climb for us.

    Somebody could be in police work for umpteen years and doesn't have the formal side of the training, yet is very qualified to hold the job. This would be a way of tying the two together in a way that is fair.

    I also thought I'd get a call when former teammate Bryan Trottier was hired as New York Rangers coach in 2002. The reason was, I remember having umpteen conversations with Bryan, having roomed with him for 10 years, that went, 'One of these days, Mike, we're going to take a team and do it our way.' I've found out since from Bryan who was fired in his first season that he wasn't going to be given that chance.

    I don't think I'm ever going to step out of his shadow and I think I told you guys umpteen times, I'll never, ever fill his shoes. The four of us are here to win it for Ontario and to win it for ourselves and it really has nothing to do with Russ or what he's accomplished in the past.

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