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    The monstropolous beast had left his bed. The two hundred miles a hour wind had loosed his chains. He seized hold of his dikes and ran forward until he met the quarters; uprooted them like grass and rushed on after his supposed-to-be conquerors, rolling the dikes, rolling the houses, rolling the people in the houses along with other timbers. The sea was walking the earth with a heavy heel.

    As we set out to find the ideal candidate to fill this very important position with the Timbers, it became clear to us that Chris was the best person to not only continue the great things we've been able to accomplish during the team's first five seasons, but to take the franchise to new levels in a number of areas. We're completely confident that Chris will do great things for the Timbers and soccer in Portland.

    Gavin creates a nice link between last year's squad and what we are doing this year. His ambition, energy and passion for the game will be a valuable asset to the Timbers and to the soccer community.

    Our ultimate goal is to clear the site with as little cost as possible. There are old timbers and wood structures that can be salvaged, and any metals are marketable for scrap.

    As Portland's team, the Timbers organization prides itself on its extensive community involvement, ... Brian Winters has been there front-and-center leading those efforts for five years, so this honor is well-deserved.

    This is an outstanding opportunity for me. Not only am I excited to have joined such a vibrant organization, but I also get to work in PGE Park, one of the finest facilities anywhere. I'm also looking forward to working closely with Jim Taylor (Timbers' general manager) and his talented staff to continue building on the success of soccer in Portland.

    Writers must fortify themselves with pride and egotism as best they can. The process is analogous to using sandbags and loose timbers to protect a house against flood. Writers are vulnerable creatures like anyone else. For what do they have in reality Not sandbags, not timbers. Just a flimsy reputation and a name.

    Our success both on and off the pitch, particularly last season, has put us in an excellent position to grow our business. Adding both Sunderland of England and the L.A. Galaxy of MLS to our schedule speaks volumes about the growth of the Portland Timbers. It's shaping up to be a most exciting season.

    Spring Hill Church near Hebron has a kick. St. Martin's Church in Worcester County has a kick and cove, as does All Hallows in Snow Hill. Pemberton Hall, an 18th century house not far from Green Hill, also has the two features. That got us thinking Green Hill may have had a kick and cove, too. We found evidence -- though very faint -- of a corner cove molding and it really rings true when it was put back -- it looks right. The evidence remains on the timbers from where the kick was removed.

    Every time we walk along a beach some ancient urge disturbs us so that we find ourselves shedding shoes and garments or scavenging among seaweed and whitened timbers like the homesick refugees of a long war.

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