Quotes about taunts (13 Quotes)

    I was never a bookworm. I remember reading Dr. Seuss, the Hardy Boys, Emil and the Detectives, Chip Hilton, and lots of Mark Twain and Dickens. My athletic ability did nothing but invite taunts. I was an indifferent student and an athlete with delusions of adequacy, dreams of adulation.

    Gores speech was one no decent politician could have delivered. It was dishonest, cheap, low. It was hollow. It was bereft of policy, of solutions, of constructive ideas, very nearly of facts bereft of anything other than taunts and jibes and embarrassingly obvious lies. It was breathtakingly hypocritical, a naked political assault delivered in tones of moral condescension from a man pretending to be superior to mere politics. It was wretched. It was vile. It was contemptible.

    Women say ... that if men had to have babies there would soon be no babies in the world.... I have sometimes wished that some clever man would actually have a baby in some new labor-saving way then all men could take it up, and one of the oldest taunts in the world would be stilled forever.

    When I wasn't as attractive as I am now, I suffered at the hands of cruel children and their taunts until I realised that confidence and a bit of aesthetic care can overcome that.

    Harry doesn't flinch as he points his Magnum at the threatening criminal and taunts him 'Go ahead, make my day.'

    I guess I've done just about everything in life people told me I wasn't able to do, ... I respond pretty well to somebody telling me there's something I can't do. I started wearing glasses when I was 12, and people told me then that anyone who wore glasses could never be a great athlete. And I always took a lot of taunts because I was so big. I was always being challenged as a kid, but I grew stronger, and ((the taunts)) stopped pretty fast. In college they laughed and said I'd trip over the foul line. After a while, that stopped too. I guess you could say I've always had a burning desire to be successful. I still do.

    Everyone constantly taunts you that rebound relationships aren't a good idea and that they don't work. But mine is working, surprisingly. It's lovely to have a man in my life who's cute, intelligent, interesting and complicated, and very supportive.

    He was a professional rugby player in the area that I played as a youngster. So a lot of people who I went to school with knew who he was and knew that he was black. So I would get racist taunts in school.

    Fate is the one thing that controls us all It is our master We live only to serve it It taunts us And it mocks us It finally becomes tired with us And leaves us as an empty shell.

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