Quotes about subtraction (8 Quotes)

    What would you subtract Jerry Kilgore has not yet identified one dime of any cut or subtraction he would make. He's a classic guy who wants to have it both ways he wants to say it was wrong but enjoys the spending that has resulted.

    Right now, we don't have any hot irons in the fire. Have we been talking to teams Yes. Do we want to make a move Only if it betters our hockey club. And we don't want to do it by subtraction, only addition.

    Herein lay the spring of the mechanical art and mystery of educating the reason without stooping to the cultivation of the sentiments and affections. Never wonder. By means of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, settle everything somehow, and never wonder.

    The worst class of sum worked in the every-day world is cyphered by the diseased arithmeticians who are always in the rule of Subtraction as to the merits and successes of others, and never in Addition as to their own.

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