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Quotes about stoical (6 Quotes)

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  • Thoroughly convinced of the impossibility of his own suit, a high resolve constrained him not to injure that of another. This is a lover's most stoical virtue, as the lack of it is a lover's most venial sin.
    (Thomas Hardy, "Far from the Madding Crowd")
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  • Climate helps to shape the character of peoples, certainly no people more than the English. The uncertainty of their climate has helped to make the English, a long-suffering, phlegmatic, patient people rather insensitive to surprise, stoical against storms,. slightly incredulous at every appearance of the sun, touched by the lyrical gratitude of someone who expects nothing and suddenly receives more than he dreamed.
    (Herbert Ernest Bates)
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  • The stoical scheme of supplying our wants by lopping off our desires, is like cutting off our feet when we want shoes.
    (Jonathan Swift)
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  • The scene was not a happy one yet we looked upon it in the cold stoical spirit of a soldier; a slight chilling pang and then a return soul and body to the enemy before us.
    (Knute Nelson)
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  • Thousands of people up and down the country have been amazingly stoical in these circumstances,
    (Tony Blair)
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  • I don't worry. I'm more stoical. Of course I have insecurities. I fear getting older. I fear death and illness. I'm not prone to depression, but I get depressed because everybody gets depressed. Suddenly I'm away from my family or doing a job I'm not enjoying.
    (David Thewlis)
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