Quotes about slime (16 Quotes)

    We had been everywhere. We had really seen nothing. And I catch myself thinking today that our long journey had only defiled with a sinuous trail of slime the lovely, trustful, dreamy, enormous country that by then, in retrospect, was no more to us than a collection of dog-eared maps, ruined tour books, old tires, and her sobs in the night - every night, every night - the moment I feigned sleep.

    Looking forward, it seems that reverse osmosis will remain the predominant technology, but there is lots of room for us to improve it. The membrane materials typically used are limited in their ability to transport materials. Sometimes they get clogged with salt. If you're treating lake water, they can have bugs and organic slime growing on them. One thing we can do is look for better materials for that.

    It seems to me the worst of all the plagues is the slug, the snail without a shell. He is beyond description repulsive, a mass of sooty, shapeless slime, and he devours everything.

    Nobody seems more obsessed by diet than our antimaterialist, otherworldly, New Age, spiritual types. But if the material world is merely illusion, an honest guru should be as content with Budweiser and bratwurst as with raw carrot juice, tofu, and seaweed slime.

    I have the ability to create and be in touch with God. I can't change bread and wine into body and blood, but I can take the scum or the slime of the earth and make it into a man or woman.

    But somewhere, beyond Space and Time, Is wetter water, slimier slime; And there (they trust) there swimmeth One; Who swam ere rivers were begun, Immense, of fishy form and mind, Squamous, omnipotent, and kind.

    An artist wished to paint a face, The symbol of innocence and joy He sought a child for his ideal, And drew the likeness of a boy. Long years passed on. The artist now A gray old man, one picture more Designed to make, and call it Guilt A contrast to the child of yore. He went into a dungeon dark, Its cold walls damp with slime. And painted a wretched man chained there, Condemned to death for crime. Beside the other he placed the last And when he learned the prisoner's name, He found the innocent, laughing child, And the hardened man, were but the same. Montagu Gere.

    As he glided stealthily along, creeping beneath the shelter of the walls and doorways, the hideous old man seemed like some loathsome reptile, engendered in the slime and darkness through which he moved crawling forth, by night, in search of some rich offal for a meal.

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