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    Great form has no shape. The Eternal is hidden and nameless. Yet it is The Eternal alone that skillfully provides for all And brings them to perfection.

    He just drips with intangibles. He just oozes with the stuff you need to be good as a group. Above everything he does skillfully, that's what I love the most. He's a guy who does make a difference in the clubhouse.

    He only seems to me to live, and to make proper use of life, who sets himself some serious work to do, and seeks the credit of a task well and skillfully performed.

    For wayfarers of all times, the right strategy for skillfully spreading the Way essentially lies in adapting to communicate. Those who do not know how to adapt stick to the letter and cling to doctrines, get stuck on forms and mired in sentiments-none of them succeed in strategic adaptation.

    Habit, if wisely and skillfully formed, becomes truly a second nature but unskillfully and unmethodically depicted, it will be as it were an ape of nature, which imitates nothing to the life, but only clumsily and awkwardly

    Miller, whose profile eerily matches early portraits of Byron, skillfully blends his restless passion and moments of sour self-awareness. Byron is caustic about his future wife from the first, noting that he would like her more if she were less perfect. .

    During his tenure as adjutant general, he skillfully commanded the New York National Guard in the aftermath of September 11th and worked tirelessly to save New York's military installations from the base-closing recommendations contained in the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission report,

    Mindfulness meditation can really make us more effective lawyers, ... When you're able to . . . gain some distance from your own emotions about what is going on in the room around you . . . then you can deal more skillfully with opposing parties and with

    The difficulty, of course, is that Iran has used its oil and natural gas as a weapon, and used it very skillfully with a variety of countries. They've used it with India, China, with others. I hope there's a way to work around the energy question, but it may be awkward for Japan. We understand that, but we think it's important to stick together on the non-proliferation.

    Since then Mr. Hastert and his fellow GOP leaders have skillfully used their narrow majority to win an amazing number of close votes without having to negotiate much with Democrats. But gradually the fear of losing their majority has also begun leading them to behave more and more like the big-spending Democrats they unseated. Holding the majority used to be viewed as a means to an end--the end being promoting freedom and limited government, ... Now, holding the majority seems to be an end in itself--holding onto power for the sake of holding onto power.

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