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    As soon as (the searchers) identified them as two black guys, they left. They were looking for two white guys and one black guy from Philadelphia, and that's the way it's been for 41 years.

    Yeah, there's absolutely. I mean, remember when The Searchers came out, it was a relatively big hit for a Western, and I think it made 5 million bucks - I don't even think it made that.

    We're doing everything we can, but the debris piles are so enormous that our searchers are very limited, ... It's just hard. It's just difficult. It's aggravating. These are the people we serve in the community. And they need us to help them.

    There are two types of online searchers that type a Web site's URL into a search engine rather than into the browser's address bar Those inexperienced enough not to appreciate the difference between the two, and those that are so experienced they have become habituated to using the search engine as their portal to the Internet. Whether this behavior is driven by ignorance or savvy, the end result is the same The search engine is the focal point of the online experience for Internet users across the spectrum.

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