Quotes about rapist (13 Quotes)

    Eventually, I reached the other side of the chasm and understood the differences between the two men. I no longer hated Daddy: he had been a shitty father and a shitty husband - a man who's made two bad choices based on lust and coveting and then been too weak either to live with them or undo them. But he had not been a rapist.

    He told me the reason he put Tyson on his mask is because he was an idol of his, as a boxer. He knows now that Tyson he's lost that right because of his conviction as a rapist and also as a female abuser. And he told me he would take the mask off.

    The problem with life without parole is that people get out for reasons that have nothing to do with justice. We had a case where a guy who was a rapist, a serial sex offender, was convicted, then let out on what I think an believe was a technicality, a new trial was ordered and the victim wouldn't come back and go through a second trial,

    He was an idol of his as a boxer, but (Emery) knows now that he lost that right (to wear the mask) with (Tyson's) conviction as a rapist and a female abuser. Ray told me he would take it off.

    And the most important thing - apart from telling a good, believable story, and being a true character - is to be someone the audience will care about, even if you're playing a murderer or rapist.

    Launching the attached file will not show you a CCTV picture of a rapist, but instead punch a hole in the security of your PC. Hackers are reaching an all time low with this attempt to encourage kind well-meaning people into opening their malicious file. Anyone unfortunate enough to run this program is running the risk of allowing hackers to gain access to their computer to spy, steal and cause havoc.

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