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    I'm happy that the film captures the spirit of this city that will allow it to survive, ... As musician and narrator Art Neville says, 'In New Orleans, you're born into music and you die into music.'

    The narrator is not anybody in particular. It's a group of women, so there's no particular identity to the narrative voice. A Faulkner story, 'A Rose For Emily.' I admired used that voice and I wanted to try it out.. It was an experiment for myself.

    I didn't know how to kill off a character unless I was able, as a narrator, to get really complicated. Because it was a big deal. I'd never killed a character before.

    Quite often my narrator or protagonist may be a man, but I'm not sure he's the more interesting character, or if the more complex character isn't the woman.

    A poet or prose narrator usually looks back on what he has achieved against a backdrop of the years that have passed, generally finding that some of these achievements are acceptable, while others are less so.

    I took a job with the U.S. Census Bureau. In The Locked Room, the third volume of the New York Trilogy, there's a sequence where the narrator talks about working for the census, and I took this straight from life. As in the book, I wound up inventing people. Kind of curious.

    The Siege of Western Civilization has become an international bestseller. One reason is that its host and narrator, Herb Meyer, provides the clearest possible explanation of what the War on Terrorism is about--and of why our armed forces are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now, when so many Americans are questioning the war, we believe its message is more important than ever. And we want to give members of our armed forces--and their families--some 'ammunition' to defend themselves against the war's critics. They're the people who are on the front lines defending our civilization, and we've decided that making The Siege of Western Civilization available to them for free should be our way of expressing our appreciation.

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