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    I don't think he needs to prove anything to anybody. Anyone who has a modicum of common sense, or a modicum of football knowledge knows that. They're still third in the table, yet they are supposed to be in a crisis - a bit like ourselves, despite the fact we're seventh with 25 points.

    Here's the problem, ... If your people had shown a modicum of respect when you came to our events, if you hadn't come with bullhorns and been screaming, I wouldn't really have a problem with it.

    The lesson here is to maintain some modicum of cautious optimism. I think the trend is so important here and it's starting to be developed, ... But in light of everything, even if the Fed does back off, the thought of a 'hard' versus 'soft landing' is still going to be out there -- which is going to prevent outrageous gains.

    The sooner we can line up company A against company B and have some modicum of evidence the books have been prepared in a similar fashion, the better off the market is going to be. Even if the bottom line ends up looking mighty lean.

    A year ago, the Redskins were 3-5 and trying to unearth a modicum of offensive success, lacking a deep game all season long. As they were then, they are competitive in virtually every game but have found a way to win close games in Gibbs's second year back. It's a huge difference, ... It's a completely different attitude. Last year I think we were all down and we didn't want to be around here too much.

    I believe that the time given to refutation in philosophy is usually time lost. Of the many attacks directed by many thinkers against each other, what now remains Nothing, or assuredly very little. That which counts and endures is the modicum of positive truth which each contributes. The true statement is, of itself, able to displace the erroneous idea, and becomes, without our having taken the trouble of refuting anyone, the best of refutations.

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