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    Brooding, she changed the pool into the sea, and made the minnows into sharks and whales, and cast vast clouds over this tiny world by holding her hand against the sun, and so brought darkness and desolation, like God himself, to millions of ignorant and innocent creatures, and then took her hand away suddenly and let the sun stream down.

    Yep, big rich twatty rock stars Compared to some rappers who've been 'on the scene' 15 minutes, we're minnows but I won't be back in the factory any time soon As for the music, it's ALWAYS been the focal point. We were never into it for the money. We wouldn't have spent three years recording a very expensive record, 'Hysteria' , if we were When I saw Marc Bolan and David Bowie on 'Top of the Pops' I didn't shout, 'Wow I want to be him for the money.' It was for the glory of it and a way out of dreary old day job land. That wasn't for me, the music gave me a motivation.

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