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Quotes about mental-health (8 Quotes)

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  • What we learned from last year is that no doubt you are going to have to have mental-health staff on hand to deal with people who go into panic mode.
    (Michael Welch)
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  • In the mental-health field, it's sort of walking a tightrope. You can't treat someone by simply locking them up. It can be tough, but we try to minimize the risk as best we can and still provide treatment.
    (Don Abel)
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  • Even before divorce, the lives of children of divorced parents may differ substantially from children in intact families, and it is plausible that these differences, rather than parental divorce, are the source of child mental-health problems.
    (Lisa Strohschein)
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  • The hope is we won't have as high rates of mental-health consequences as we've seen in prior wars.
    (Col. Hoge)
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  • If you have an individual that you know has been through the criminal system a number of times, then I try to look at what the source of that is. I think this court does a good job of identifying these mental-health and substance-abuse issues.
    (Glenn Jones)
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  • No mental-health evaluations were done. This is just high-level coaching.
    (Tom Cooper)
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  • That's the real shame. Society is not well-served by sending a convict to a penitentiary who needs mental-health care.
    (Daniel Brodsky)
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  • For people with mental-health diseases, this film makes them feel positive, hopeful and not alone in the world with this problem.
    (Michael Barker)
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