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    As traditional Liberal voters become dismayed by Paul Martin's campaign, they're finding a comfortable new home in the NDP. This ad features just a small sample of them.

    This transaction is a positive step for both companies. The transfer of businesses to GE advances Lockheed Martin's ongoing portfolio-shaping activities and accomplishes a significant reduction in outstanding common shares, thereby enhancing shareholder value.

    Dean Martin's albums for Capitol are among the most timeless vocal pop ever recorded. He was a great singer, with a unique, behind-the-beat laconic style that perfectly fit his devil-may-care personality, and made very astute choices as to material and arrangers. And perhaps best of all, he never took himself too seriously, either on record or In life We're thrilled that he's a big part of our artist roster.

    (Martin's) been getting 28 or so the last five or six games on the average, but Hummel really showed up. That's the nice thing about having two D-I guys. If one guy doesn't quite get it all done the other kind of steps up.

    This has been a very humbling experience, and I regret any embarrassment I have caused Washington State University, Edmonds Community College, Saint Martin's and those who have stood by me the past several months.

    I just want justice for Martin. I was thinking of my baby Martin with him up looking down on me. I know he knows, mama is fighting. He doesn't have a voice. I'm Martin's voice.

    Spring Hill Church near Hebron has a kick. St. Martin's Church in Worcester County has a kick and cove, as does All Hallows in Snow Hill. Pemberton Hall, an 18th century house not far from Green Hill, also has the two features. That got us thinking Green Hill may have had a kick and cove, too. We found evidence -- though very faint -- of a corner cove molding and it really rings true when it was put back -- it looks right. The evidence remains on the timbers from where the kick was removed.

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