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    Using computer technology to shoot at caged animals from a distance is a corruption of our proud hunting traditions, ... This practice is nothing more than a live-action video game, and I am proud to stand with Michigan's outdoor enthusiasts in opposing it.

    Releasing select sequences of Superman Returns in IMAX 3D marks a groundbreaking moment in movies. This film is going to give fans an opportunity to be immersed in a major live-action motion picture like never before.

    I know pretty well in the broad sense what I'm going to do, because I have to know that when we shoot the live-action, so that it'll synchronize. Then I know pretty well when I get to the animation stage, what that scene requires.

    It's almost the best cast I think I've ever worked with. The voices are so distinctive, they really nailed their characters. ... For me, in this particular case, it almost becomes more like a live-action movie, because their voices are so strong.

    Rick McCallum, who served as producer on the recent Star Wars films, revealed to Now Playing Magazine some of the details of the two upcoming TV series based on the franchise created by George Lucas. The live-action television series is something we're planning for just at the beginning of 2007, ... We're just starting to interview writers and trying to really figure out which direction to go.

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