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    Blimey, thought Kelvin, what an eye-to-face ratio. When you want to say something delicate, you don't want that eye-to-face ration staring up at you. Big eyes, like a child's or a baby seal's; the physiognomy of innocence--looking at Archie Jones is like looking at something that expects to be clubbed round the head any second.

    But surely the tabloid papers are the forefront of the attack - aren't they're the voice of the Tory working class If you meet these boys from the tabloids, ... they're public schoolboys, like Kelvin MacKenzie. It doesn't matter what the paper is they're working for.

    Myself and Kelvin both had stunt doubles. And Charlie Kemp who plays Max had a dummy. They had shots of us driving the cars but at a safe distance from each other. And then the crash ends in tragedy, which is very exciting.

    National coach John McKay has told me that it won't be easy but I want to make up for losing the 2003 Four Nations Tournament final here in the Kelvin Hall by beating this guy Santana.

    We had some concerns what was going on with some phone calls that had been going on during the summer. I know my dad had a conversation with Kelvin to address those concerns. We were told Kelvin was not aware of those things taking place, that he would address it and it would not be an issue in the future.

    I thought in the first half, Kelvin shied away from his shot a little bit. His shots are always good shots, regardless if they go in or not. In the second half, he manned up and proved himself.

    We had to throw out our offense. They trap and press, so we had Kelvin attack when he beat the press. He did a great job against the press with the dribble and the pass.

    (Kelvin) lost some games when he didn't have his whole team there. Coming in (to the season) they were like us, a team that was up there. And they're a good basketball team.

    No one was given an offer, from my understanding. We wanted a big-time college coach. A proven winner that has a big-time track record, and I believe Kelvin Sampson is one of five guys who I would have been happy with as the basketball coach here.

    Ocean Springs has a great track team. The biggest race of the night might be between Ocean Springs' Kelvin Bolden and Henry. They both have been chasing each other all year, so it might be the best race to watch.

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