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    On decision making, Truman said, 'If it's right, make it, and let the popular part take care of itself.' He once said, 'If you fail to make up your mind, then you are not suited for the job.' John Kerry is clearly no heir to the Truman legacy.

    GM's got enormous momentum of the wrong kind. It has, in decades past, been hugely successful. The culture has said, 'Whatever we've done in the past will repeat itself', but that's not working in the current environment.

    In the first place, the market provision of 'security' generates its own paranoid demand. 'Security' becomes a ... prestige symbol. Secondly, as William Whyte has observed of social intercourse in New York, 'fear proves itself'. The social perception of threat becomes a function of the security mobilization itself, not crime rates.

    I've been working with Gene Clines and Gary Matthews in Spring Training and during the season. One time, Clines got ticked off with me because I was trying to hit the ball out of the ballpark all the time. He said, 'You're strong enough, just put the bat on the ball and it will go by itself.' By that time, I was ticked off at him, too. He was trying to help me. I apologized to him.

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