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    We were hearing what some of their CD's, what they were saying on some of their CD's and frankly it got the ire up a little bit of some of the local police agencies. And that really helped to motivate everyone in terms of getting going on this investigation.

    It's hard to predict what the tipping point will be, but when you have a number of influential and outspoken firms (taking a stand), it's going to raise the ire of the companies trying to do the deal.

    We're on the field for four hours anyway. Our games have gone 350, 340 and 330. You want to get my attention and my ire up, let's start talking about shortening the game. To me, this is not smart on our part. We could take some plays out that nobody would miss by running the clock in some situations.

    In the past, you had a guy who got nicked up, you had to make a decision. You put him on the IRE and he sat out days and games, or a coach said, 'Well, we're going to sit him out, but we're not going to replace him.' Right now, you have the luxury of, if a guy gets the flu, you can sit him out that night and if he's better the next night, you can let him play.

    They could have dealt with it, probably, without raising the ire of some of the people in the environmental movement if all they'd done was to say that the section is titled 'Toxics and other substances of concern.'

    When I arrived at the broken pip, after crawling several yards under my house in the mud, grumpily the black widow spiders noted my ire and fled. So, I was able to fix the leak unharmed by neurotoxic venom.

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