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    Northern Command's mission to protect the homeland against foreign threats is separate and distinct from its mission to provide support to civil agencies in the event of a terrorist attack of catastrophic proportions, ... So part of the confusion you're seeing is the natural shaking-out process as the Defense Department stands up a new command and adopts a new mission that most generals assumed with great reluctance in the first place, given that their forces and budgets were already stretched thin. In that sense, Admiral Keating's comments were probably less about someone gunning to take the lead, and more a reflection of how much support Northern Command will likely be asked to provide in the event of a real catastrophe.

    When everyone is gunning for you, you must be doing something right. Athletics is one aspect that everyone in the school and community seems to rally around and take pride in.

    We don't care about how we get there, as the East winner or the wild card, we just want to get to the playoffs. It's the most important thing. We're going to be gunning for these teams and this is the time of year for the Red Sox to show that we can shine.

    We're just trying to make extra history. Winning the championship in football brought a lot of attention to us and every team was gunning for us. It was hard. It took hard work in practice.

    We've had a rivalry with them for a long time. We've been gunning for this for years. The girls were ready and they worked real hard all year.

    Getting angry can sometimes be like leaping into a wonderful responsive sports car, gunning the motor, taking off at high speed and then discovering the brakes are out of order.

    What, running and gunning for seven games It doesn't matter at this point. We played San Antonio well this year. We played well against Phoenix. We don't care who we play at this point.

    I don't think there's any doubt everybody is looking at us and gunning for us. Baseball is our national pastime. It's always been perceived that Americans play the best baseball.

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