Quotes about grandchild (16 Quotes)

    Whenever there's a new baby in my family, even if I don't know who the father is, I display pictures of it. But only one or two per child. No one wants to see 37 pictures of your grandchild - which is also why you must never carry more than one picture of each grandchild in your wallet.

    Every individual face, a grandmother or grandchild or parents and their two kids, they're all there waving at you and they've all come to see you, it's as simple as that. They're not there simply by chance and that's very, very humbling.

    Our church takes four mission trips each year. They're all designed for families. Anyone can go with us. My wife, Laura, and I are going, and we always try to take at least one grandchild with us. I'm trying to build a legacy, a heritage for my grandchildren. I want them to know that their grandpa enjoyed helping others, and I encourage everyone to teach their children and grandchildren the same.

    Greatness of name in the father oft-times overwhelms the son they stand too near one another. The shadow kills the growth so much, that we see the grandchild come more and oftener to be heir of the first.

    Envision if you want your own child, your grandchild, in that classroom after a 30-minute evaluation. For every excuse, another generation passes through the school not receiving consistent excellence.

    I started down the bottom of the page and I knew I was going to run out of space. Sammy, my grandchild, came into my studio and was amazed by all the buildings. Out of the blue he asked, 'Grandpa, where's the tree-house' and so I drew him one. It's on the right hand bottom of the page.

    The father who sent every report card to Grandma so she could also rejoice in what the children accomplished is no longer there -- and neither is the grandmother, who made each of her 20 grandchildren and great-grandchildren believe that that grandchild was her special favorite,

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