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    You pick up a couple of Bay Area papers, and they've got Sacramento favored. You hear things like 'They didn't have Galloway.' That's definitely motivation for our team.

    The Pro Bowl process is not always mistake-free. If Galloway doesn't make it, hopefully they find guys who can say they have done what he has done for this team. Because he has been a force.

    Rebounding helped a lot - me being able to get the rebound and just push it and have Todd (Galloway) fill the lane instead of me filling the lane all the time. We should be interchangeable.

    We're still in a growing up stage. Last year we relied on a lot of freshmen and sophomores and we lost a lot of close games. One reason the sophomores from last year who are now juniors are playing better is because they're more experienced. A.J. (Johnson) and Al Thornton are giving us good leadership, and we're getting leadership from our three seniors. Todd Galloway has been in the program for four years, so has Andrew Wilson. We have some guys who are maturing a little bit and it's taking some pressure off of our new players.

    We had too many penalties. One nullified a Galloway touchdown. We are not perfect, OK. But we will play hard and make the corrections, and we're going to try to get better next week.

    The throw he makes to Galloway with the division title on the line says a lot about what a clutch performer he is. That wasn't a slant or a wide flare, that was a 44-yard throw that landed right on the screws. He got hit a lot, and we had some balls batted down. He's got great resolve.

    It's a lose-lose situation. What else was I supposed to do If I stayed with Galloway, (Griese) would have run it in. So, I guess I messed up by going to the quarterback. Next time, (I) stay with my guy. And if the quarterback runs it in, it ain't my fault.

    We have what I think we call the smoking gun, ... The additional evidence clearly demonstrates the testimony Mr. Galloway provided the sub-committee was false and misleading.

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