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    It's a little hard, even being this far into a quarter, ... I think all of you can appreciate (that) one month can fluctuate a great deal from the month and the year before simply because of the number of business days and other factors, so we're just not able to comment on what's going on in the second quarter.

    Steel companies need cash to operate. Steel prices fluctuate and steel companies need cash to manage the ups and downs of the historically cyclical market. Raiding cash during good times is short sighted and counter to the long-term interest of the company.

    For as the interposition of a rivulet, however small, will occasion the line of the phalanx to fluctuate, so any trifling disagreement will be the cause of seditions ...

    We have built and patented a 20-foot aluminum body that is installed on a tri-axle truck, and has three compartments. A 14-ft, six-wheel aluminum unit with two compartments is also available. Yardage and weight capacities fluctuate per state laws numerous delivery combinations are available on both models.

    In terms of thinking about market valuations, think, do I care My goals are 10, 20 years from now, not now. If you have shorter-term goals, you should be aware that market valuations fluctuate wildly.

    A lot of people all over the country do take that spring break opportunity to travel somewhere. Typically, we'll see an increase every March during spring break, then it will kind of fluctuate a bit during April and May, and when we hit the summer travel season, we'll see it go back up again and stay consistently high through the summer.

    The scores will always fluctuate depending on the judging panels and we had some balance issues tonight. But we fought through them and that was great to see. We've been training like we are competing and that's great. We focused tonight on one event at a time, one routine at a time.

    Freddie Mac economists expect mortgage rates will fluctuate for the rest of the year, but shouldn't rise over six percent. And compared to last year's average of 6.5 percent, today's rates are still incredibly affordable.

    Our first quarter results were affected by comparatively higher claims expense in both our employee benefits and individual disability businesses, which we have said can fluctuate widely from quarter to quarter. The slower rate of premium growth for the quarter was largely attributable to the effects of our ongoing commitment to pricing discipline in what was noted as a very price competitive renewal and sales environment for the quarter.

    A lot of people look at Georgia as a one-person team, but I came out of the game and the score didn't fluctuate. That shows a lot about that kind of team we are. I don't make this basketball team. I'm just a component, like everybody else.

    From a biological standpoint, the declines in harvest don't concern me. Turkeys are very susceptible to changes in habitat, food availability and weather conditions during the brood-rearing period. Populations are going to fluctuate. Statistically, I don't think these declines are that significant.

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