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    He just feasts on us. He's a great kid. I really like watching him play from a coaching perspective because he brings a lot to the table, not only for Waterloo but for our conference.

    Keep out of the Sight of Feasts and Banquets as much as may be for 'tis more difficult to refrain good Cheer, when it's present, than from the Desire of it when it is away the like you may observe in the Objects of all the other Senses.

    FEAST, n. A festival. A religious celebration usually signalized by gluttony and drunkenness, frequently in honor of some holy person distinguished for abstemiousness. In the Roman Catholic Church feasts are movable and immovable, but the celebrants are uniformly immovable until they are full. In their earliest development these entertainments took the form of feasts for the dead such were held by the Greeks, under the name Nemeseia, by the Aztecs and Peruvians, as in modern times they are popular with the Chinese though it is believed that the ancient dead, like the modern, were light eaters. Among the many feasts of the Romans was the Novemdiale, which was held, according to Livy, whenever stones fell from heaven.

    To be selected was an honor, and in respect of the family member chosen to run, families held feasts and gave away prized beaver coats, quilled tobacco bags and buffalo hides.

    One other fact is significant: the domestic feasts and sacrifices of single families, which in David's time must still have been general, gradually declined and lost their importance as social circles widened and life became more public.

    Wedlock, indeed, hath oft compared been To public feasts, where meet a public rout Where they that are without would fain go in, And they that are within would fain go out.

    Now backwards, inwards still my mind
    Must track the intangible and blind,
    And seeking, shall securely find
    Hidden in secret places
    Fresh feasts for every soul that strives,
    New life for many mystic lives,
    And strange new forms and faces.

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