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    ATT has every incentive to make content available on the Internet to everyone. We have no incentive to restrict any content. For them to use this as another vehicle to say 'The sky is falling and we must do something' is a little far-fetched. The correct policy is what the commission has adopted. Keep regulation out of Internet.

    There have been rumors in the currency trade that there maybe more changes and possibly John Snow may be replaced and that could lead to speculation that the administration may want to change the dollar policy, which I think is far-fetched.

    The idea that some buyers may buy a home over the Internet without actually viewing it is not as far-fetched as it would have seemed several years ago as buyers become more active and involved in the transaction through Web sites. This is particularly true for the vibrant market in the Bay Area where competition for homes is often strong and good listings can be snapped up quickly.

    Borrowing from physics, the last thing an unstable system needs is a shock. And yet the risks of just such a disturbance have never seemed higher. Far-fetched as it seems, the possibility of a more perilous endgame is rising.

    I'm not sure where they're coming from with that choice of surface. I've heard all sorts of things, one of them, which may be a bit far-fetched, is that they've chosen it because they're not sure Federer is going to play.

    It also seems far-fetched. People with osteoporosis have brittle bones and are prone to bone injuries. ... By its very nature, osteoporosis places one in the position of potential harm occurring. To say that a facility is negligent because osteoporosis creates falls that result in broken bones is illogical. Denying care for a resident's broken bones is harmful.

    Considering that a Pew Internet study in July found that three-quarters of online teens use IM, the second-most-common tool among this group for communicating with friends after the good old landline, a future of taking IM breaks at work instead of coffee breaks isn't far-fetched, says Mary Madden, co-author of the more recent report. It's akin to the idea that employees increasingly use their downtime to shop or check the news. We're the IM generation, ... They're going to put our screen names on our tombstones.

    The logic is often far-fetched - how does medical marijuana affect interstate commerce? - and some conservatives would like judges to start throwing out federal laws wholesale on commerce clause grounds. The court once again said no thanks.

    I hadn't given much thought to the prospect of a Hugo nomination at the time it happened, but obviously once you're nominated, winning one seems a bit less far-fetched than before.

    I entirely agree with you about the obscurity of Mrs Browning's line about the stars. It is far-fetched. She wanted to express something which she found beyond expression.

    The attorney general's refutation of the legal argument made by the White House ... speaks volumes about the far-fetched nature of the White House's submission,

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