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Quotes about equalized (5 Quotes)

  • I charged her as an adult, and that's one of the four or five offenses that you can charge a juvenile as an adult. We weighed the possible punishments that were available in juvenile court, and we didn't think that equalized her involvement in the murder.
    (Tom Cooper)
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  • The lake level has equalized with interior water inside the city, which means it won't flow inside the city (any longer), except for high tide,
    (Dan Riley)
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  • I'm delighted for the young lads. It was a horrible night and the ball was swerving all over the place in atrocious conditions. It takes a little bit of time to settle. A few of them haven't played at this level. I thought the reaction was terrific after Reading equalized.
    (Steve Bruce)
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  • It is not the possessions but the desires of mankind which require to be equalized
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  • There are only 30 cars. If it was all equalized, some places like P.E.I. or New Brunswick might not get one at all. This is just about trying to create some excitement.
    (Greg Skinner)
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